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The complex of services in the field of industrial safety and labor protection in accordance with the requirements of modern standards.

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Quality (according to modern standards and requirements), speed from order to execution - max. 2 weeks), complex.

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Quality (according to modern standards and requirements), speed from order to execution - max. 2 weeks), complex.

  • Piezoelectric converters

    Piezoelectric converters are designed to detect defects of transverse and longitudinal orientation, by conducting continuous control of the body and threaded parts of pipes of various sizes for defects, including corrosion-fatigue cracks. Equipped with a local immersion bath



The scientific and production firm "ZOND" employs highly skilled specialists who are capable of solving problems of various complexity at a high level.

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  • VT - visual and optical

    level II - 14 people

    UT ultrasonic

    level II - 4 people

  • LT leak test

    level II - 2 people

    ET eddy current

    level II - 2 people

  • РT capillary

    level II - 2 people

    RT radiographic

    level II - 2 people

  • АТ acoustic and emission

    level II - 2 people

    Specialists in energy management and energy efficiency

    3 people


The LLC “Scientific and production firm “Zond” is the authorized organization for conducting inspection, testing and expert examination (technical diagnostics) of machines, mechanisms and equipment of high danger.


The LLC “Scientific and production firm “Zond” has been among the first in Ukraine (1999). It implement and certified the quality management system according to State Standards of Ukraine ISO 9001, which covers all areas of the company's activities.


Since the foundation of scientific and production firm “Zond” more than 1100 successful projects have been realized, the customers of which are gas and oil transport companies, gas producers, producers of oil and gas equipment and international service companies.


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